It can be seen in both of these charts that there is a statistical and psychological similarity between the two indices.

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Economic Commentary

On the 2018-2019 budget- Revised income tax structures, higher incomes taxed more, middle & lower incomes protected.

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 NIC Asia

NIC asia

By elimination and statistical projection the bank is NIC Asia- run under the premiership of CEO Laxman Risal.

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Interest Rate Dilemma

Any place that facilitates trade i.e. the exchange of goods, services, securities, cash and credit is central to the economy.

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A Keynesian Perspective

This is an article highlighting some achievable ideas on how we can capitalize on economic prosperity.

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Practical Economics: Credit

We were born to a beautiful country but a country with limitations. In this article I want to discuss my concerns

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criticisms of Rastra Bank’s monetary policy:

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room- the liquidity crisis: Interest rates were aggressively jacked up to vacuum cash from the economy.

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On greed, capitalism, the free market and the Nepalese Financial Markets

I have a growing admiration for Milton Friedman, the famous economist, but it is only up to a point to which I can dance to his music.

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Brexit analysis

Two things. Firstly, political- I think people should be allowed to choose a way of life for themselves in a democracy. If the people feel something is not working for them they should be free to pursue greener pastures.

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Market Motivation

The financial markets are central to the economy because wherever honourable exchange takes place, economic prosperity follows.

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I will get through this

Whenever I find myself in the midst of a crisis, All I have kept to heart is ‘’I will get through this.’’ By now this is a habit and it normally works

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