NIC Asia

My opinion:

1) By elimination and statistical projection the bank is NIC Asia- run under the premiership of CEO Laxman Risal.

2)Their deposit growth these past 5 months amounts to some 30-40% of total deposits of all top tier commercial banks. The statistical interpretation of this statement is profound. For reference this bank did over 16 billion in one quarter and just over 31 billion in the last six months. An increment of 5 billion is what banks at par with NICA generally do.

3)Expect steep rise in NIC Asia profits once the deposits are floated in the economy i.e. when the money starts to work.

4)NIC Asia will establish itself as one of the largest and most efficient Class A bank in the nation in terms of scale of operation in the near future. There is a possibility for this to reflect on share prices.

5)Aggressive deposits implies aggressive lending. This might trigger a dominoes effect among banks to bring down interest rates. Competition among banks is absolutely essential as this helps transfer bank profits into reduced interest payments. The borrower i.e. common man will gain.

6)Interest rate spread of 5-7% is still outrageous in comparison to developed economies. This should come down.