Sagittarius Investment Research

We are a research based, perpetually evolving investment company specializing in the financial markets with a vision to connect Nepal with the global economy. We are a fresh company- having sprung to life after years of research, practice and challenges that have helped us become who we are in our journey so far.

Why Sagittarius?

To add to our phenomenal returns- we are a company of growing social responsibilities. We uphold a healthy corporate culture of transparency, inclusion, constructive criticism and open mindedness with all stakeholders.



It can be seen in both of these charts that there is a statistical and psychological similarity between the two indices.

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Interest Rate Dilemma

Any place that facilitates trade i.e. the exchange of goods, services, securities, cash and credit is central to the economy.

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 NIC Asia

NIC asia

By elimination and statistical projection the bank is NIC Asia- run under the premiership of CEO Laxman Risal.

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