Brexit analysis

Two things. Firstly, political- I think people should be allowed to choose a way of life for themselves in a democracy. If the people feel something is not working for them they should be free to pursue greener pastures. The only critical point here is the contemplation of the age old governance predicament i.e. how much do the people know what is best for themselves - the answer is very little otherwise we would be living in a flawless society. And in this particular case this decision is not as easy as returning a TV because a lot of human lives are involved here. Certainly, this decision has come from a place of discontent. Such discontent are often manifestations of own's own inner lives. Can Britain really do well without the Europeans or is it simply a manifestation of the psyche's dark forces. Me personally I would have preferred a more empathetic approach.As for me I take happiness in the fact that there was a time in London when it was also the Polish and the Slovaks and the Hungarians and everyone else that contributed to the city's unique signature . My final verdict. Britain has lost big points on international grounds. Scotland and France are likely to follow suit- the former because there are better off with the union and France because they like to go it alone too.

Secondly, opportunity, this point in history has presented itself with a great opportunity. Most investment companies are having a good time because it's times likes these when you reel in the big fish. Had the UK voted to stay in the pound would have stayed more or less constant. The currency's situation would be as is. Nothing to gain or to lose. But because there was a chance for the UK to leave. And of course they have -such decisions generally create a huge upset in the market and the pound has come crumbling down. A no risk/ high gains situation for the short sellers. It's one of those opportunities in a lifetime. The last time this happened it broke the bank of England and the trader had to relocate in the USA.